Family Gardening

Whether you have a garden or a few pots on a balcony, gardening as a family helps you all live healthier. Gardening is an easy activity to share, and you'll harvest many benefits along with your fresh vegetables, colourful flowers, and aromatic herbs. Even better, you don't have to wait for your plants to flower to see those benefits. Our colour bags give instant beauty to your garden or pot, such a joy for your children to experience.

Gardening gets you outside and moving. Promote more activity for your child by asking them to bring you various tools, such as a bucket, spade (hand-held if balcony gardening), hose or watering can. The actual gardening work can also be quite demanding. Additionally, once outside in the garden, your little one is likely to begin engaging in more active play even when not actually gardening.
Gardening is an excellent stress reliever for a combination of fascinating reasons: exposure to fresh air and sunlight, performing relaxing and repetitive tasks, and even contact with harmless bacteria in the soil that helps release serotonin in the brain.  Children are prone to spending a lot of time indoors, which can negatively affect their behavior and health. Research indicates that time spent in nature offers significant mental health benefits for children. A family garden gets them outside enjoying and experiencing the natural world.
Better Sleep & Healthier Eating
 All of the above (physical activity, reduced stress, being outside) can contribute to better sleep for everyone. And better sleep, in turn, can improve kids' behavior, health, performance at school, and general well-being.
Kids who grow vegetables tend to eat more vegetables. Or at least, they may be more willing to taste unfamiliar veggies, which is the first step to incorporating new flavours into their diet. Adults who garden are also more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables than non-gardeners.