Gardening with Nature

At Colourful Splendour, we believe that time outdoors spent tending to our plants gives us priceless moments to reflect. Take time to relax in your garden. It's another form of creating and playing with colors.
“We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?”

Are you a water warrior?

This week we are having our first heat wave - have you prepared your garden for this, did you add lots of compost to your beds and cover the exposed soil and around your plants with mulch? If not, we have bark chips 50mm on special to help you decrease the amount of water you use and the time you will spend on weeding as well as to help keep the roots of your plant’s cooler – it is a necessity to mulch! If you have chosen to use a living mulch, e.g., mentha, erigeron, lamium, etc. don’t forget our 15cm pots of these are only R20-00 each. We also have water-saving products like Aqua-fix on special to help you use less water in the garden. Please take all measures you can to use grey water and water wisely this summer – be the best water warrior you can be!


When planning your garden, group plants that require similar water and shade requirements. Use water-retaining products such as “AquaFix” which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and a granule, that when wet, swells to 200 its normal volume. This “held” water is then released as the plant needs it, thus increasing the time required between watering. This product and others like it are very good in hanging baskets which tend to dry out quickly!